1. What is BYOD?

    BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a policy that require students to bring their personal notebook devices on-campus for study and exam-related activities, or as requested by their academic leaders. This necessitates that students should have their own personal devices at the very least.

  2. When will this requirement be effective?

    This policy will be effective by Jan-2024. 
    However, your School or Dept may implement this earlier. Please check with your course leader.

    In all cases, the student will only benefit from having their own notebook to facilitate their studies anywhere, anytime.

  3. Which campuses will the BYOD policy apply to?

    The BYOD policy will apply to the main campuses of Sunway University and Sunway College, located in Sunway City, Selangor, and Sunway College @ Velocity, Kuala Lumpur.

  4. Why BYOD?

    We are adopting a BYOD policy because the modern learning environment is heavily digital. BYOD enables anywhere, anytime study and course work for our students. Students are expected to access learning content and use software applications on hosted and virtual servers. In some cases, the students would need to install software as required for their studies and assignments.

    Sunway Education Group academicians are constantly evolving classroom and pedagogical practices in the digital realm. Without their own devices, students will be hampered in their participation and learning.

    In addition, group-work, note-taking and research will be greatly facilitated by the students having immediate access to their own devices.  Developing ICT skills is a critical future-skill for the students’ development.

  5. Is it compulsory for a student to have their own device?

    Yes, it is compulsory for the student to have their own devices. A student without access to their own device will be hampered in their learning practices.

  6. Do I need to have my own telco data plan?

    No, your own telco data plan is not necessary. The campus has robust Wi-Fi coverage.

  7. Can I print from my own device?

    Yes, mobile printing is available at https://smprint.sunway.edu.my/user. It is recommended that you print to a PDF file first.

  8. What type of notebook is recommended?

    A notebook is recommended over other devices as it offers mobility, versatility, larger displays and supports better content creativity and accessories. A Windows notebook is recommended as a number of software are not available for other OS like Mac’s.

    From time to time, IT Services will release updated recommended specifications for notebooks at https://izone.sunway.edu.my/faq/byod_specs.html

  9. Where can I access the software and applications needed for my course?

    You can access Learning content directly from your notebook. For other needed course software and applications, students can access the IT Services virtual lab software servers vLab at https://vlab.sunway.edu.my. These services are available globally.

    Some software (such as MS-Office) is given free of charge to all registered students for the duration of the course. In some courses, students may also be given licenses for specialized applications to be installed on their own notebooks.

    Your academic leaders can tell you more.

  10. Would the Sunway IT Learning Labs / Open Labs still be available?

    The Sunway IT Learning Labs will be progressively upgraded into specialized labs, with higher-end specifications, to support graphical and other specialized digital workspaces for teaching specific courses. These specialist labs will be accessible to those students who are taking such a course.

    In due course, there will be no Open Labs providing general computing usage (such as browsing, email, MS-Office, etc). The Sunway Campus Library will continue to have limited workstations providing general computing usage for the time being. So it is best to have your own notebook and make use of the campus Wi-Fi.

  11. Device Purchase and Support

    Sunway Education Group does not sell devices. Even if there are periodic promotions on campus, please note that the Sunway Education Group is not a party to these promotions. Please deal directly with such vendors as a consumer.

    The student is responsible for keeping their own devices up-to-date and in good operable condition. If you need some help, you can bring your device to the Helpdesk at the Learning Labs, and we will try to help you on a “best effort” basis. We recommended that you purchase additional hardware warranty in case of hardware failure.